Don't think "what's the cheapest way to do it, or what's the fastest way to do it". Think - "What's the most amazing way to do it"!
- Richard Branson

See How

  • Discovery

    Getting the priorities right. First of all we learn about our client’s business. Review business needs, target audience, market, and other technical and implementation details. We’ll discuss your ideas, provide our recommendations, and help to get together requirements in place.

  • Wireframing

    Next, we’ll work closely with your team on all the details of the site or application site, sitemap, page flow, interactions, layout and best practices. Depending on how you want we will develop high or low fidelity wireframes so that you have a good visual representation of how your website or application will look like, and how it will function.

  • Storycarding

    Storycarding is the core of our process, and the key to your project staying on track and on budget. We’ll work through your site using the wireframes as a guide, breaking out every single interaction into a story that our developers can then estimate and track. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s done, what’s coming up, and what’s being worked on right at that moment.

  • Look & Feel

    Once we have wireframes approved, our user interface design team will work closely with you to understand your visual preferences, branding and visual identity. As soon as design mockups are approved, they are passed to the development team for implementation.

  • Design & Development

    Here’s where the boost happens. With everything neatly organized and prepared, we will deliver your project on time and within budget. Our Agile methodology daily scrum meetings keep everyone updated on every step of the process, while still staying flexible in case you need to change something.

  • Back-end Systems Integration

    In case you would need to extend your solution we can easily integrate with the back-end systems you already use, be it a CRM, ERP, OMS or some other solution. We’ve collected a library of ready-to-use proven integration modules, which you can tap in to save time and reduce cost and risk, but if needed we can develop integration modules from scratch.