Quality Assurance Services

Our ecommerce expertise fully covers the whole development cycle including QA services provision.

PulsarFour cares about customer confidence and reliability of created products. Due to this fact, we are ready to provide a wide range of quality assurance procedures from A to Z, starting from general QA management and analytics to the ecommerce testing itself. We are able to implement all the needed services not only as a part of particular e-commerce project but also by means of self-standing QA team with the ability to arrange product quality both by manual and automated techniques.

Website testing services

We apply all best practices to monitor and carry out QA processes through all the website creation and support flow which includes:

  • QA Analytics, to provide the full view of the current and eventual quality level
  • Estimation process, to plan and evaluate which efforts should be spent to assure the maximum level of website reliability and specification correspondence
  • Applying wide range of testing techniques to control and diagnose fulfilment of requirements
  • Test design, to bewrite, scale and examine the whole system from QA perspective

Mobile testing services

Handheld devices and their software development cannot be overestimated nowadays and we are ready to meet a demand of vigorously requested QA level to impress customers. We have reached a high and effective level of software creation and can ensure that by using our flexible and comprehensive mobile testing services, ecommerce websites will meet all the needed standards and will generate profit with the help of top up-to-date devices.