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Application support and online marketing


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These days, it is not enough just to build a modern and usable ecommerce site. With competition that intensifies by day and various tricks applied to gain better search rankings, our clients have to stay on top of the game to be noticed online and to support and grow their online traffic. We help by performing on-site optimization, content development, link earning and building, mobile optimization and other SEO means. PulsarFour typically engages with clients based on an agreed online marketing plan with monthly set of activities and a pool of SEO-decided hours; clients are provided with our proprietary tools and reporting for tracking SEO progress. Besides doing this work in-house, we can also train our client’s staff in SEO and help administer such activities in a cost-efficient and optimal way. Our motto in SEO is “Less talk and fancy graphs and more action and results.”

Social Media Marketing

Through our work in this area of online marketing, we help clients create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. Such efforts drive traffic to client’s ecommerce site, generate additional sales, as well as popularize client’s brand by creating a social “buzz.” PulsarFour uses such means as consumer’s online brand related activities (COBRAs) and an electronic word of mouth (eWOM) for social media marketing. Social media optimization and measurement is a new area where PulsarFour is making progress as well.

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Integrated offline and online campaigns have been around for a few years now; online advertising is intensifying by day. PulsarFour can design and execute upon online campaigns and programs and we work with client to ensure consistency and effectiveness between online and offline advertising efforts. We manage paid-per-click (PPC) campaigns, AdWords / AdSense campaigns, display advertising campaigns, mobile advertising and develop very sophisticated means of reaching and targeting specific customer segments – and do so in full regulatory compliance in markets where we operate. Such projects are typically managed depending on the share of advertising budget basis, and our focus is on ensuring that the cost of acquisition remains meaningful and is managed in line with the incremental revenue generated from such activities.

Content Management

Within an ecommerce realm, content management is one area that can either kill one’s business or make it ultra-competitive, and the devil is, as always, in details. PulsarFour can assist with Product Information Management (PIM) systems’ implementation, we can help migrate customer, catalog/product and order data; we also can manage content localization and translation. We assist clients in content collection, editing and curating it for SEO purposes, as well as content publishing in clients’ systems. Since content management is inherently collaborative process, no single project is like another for us. The responsibilities for managing content vary from client to client, and we have good experience in developing a workable and efficient model so that PulsarFour’s team responsible for their part of content collection, management and publication works in full synchronization with our client.


Ecommerce Analytics

That which is not measured, cannot be controlled – we all heard that. Yet, we see client after client that does not utilize ecommerce tracking in their freely available analytics tools. PulsarFour goes beyond Google Analytics’ ecommerce tracking and goals setting. Through tag management, we attribute conversions to specific users that browse an online store, identify bottlenecks and drop-off points, and help clients improve conversions. We closely collaborate with Google’s partners in their analytics product space and we can extract much deeper and meaningful information through Google API than that available through the GA interface. We then present our research findings and set our clients with real-time proprietary tools to track their ecommerce channel performance.

Magento Support

As partners of Magento, we support websites built on a Magento Community Edition and a Magento Enterprise Edition. Our support includes recommendations for server and hosting environment, application performance monitoring, troubleshooting of existing installations, assistance with store administration, bug fixing, testing – in other words, a complete circle of services needed to support a fully functional Magento store. PulsarFour’s support model can vary from ad-hoc fixing of bugs or programming a custom functionality for an existing site to a dedicated application support team that works based on a pre-defined monthly pool of hours in order to service the regular stream of change requests & new functionality implementation requests. We truly are a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ Magento platform needs.

Application Support

As a professional services firm, PulsarFour provides application support services to its client base. We partner with several outstanding hosting and managed services providers in the US and in Europe and we ourselves provide 24x7x365 application support to key clients. Such services scope includes technical support for all business applications (in most cases, these applications were developed and customized by PulsarFour), maintenance services, database management, security and various other areas. We work across two time zones in the United States, Central & Eastern European time zones in Europe and can provide timely and adequate support services regardless of a physical location of our client. In providing such services, we follow the ITIL best practices and IT service delivery frameworks.

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Test, test, test! We believe in testing as a value-added activity to ensure the quality of PulsarFour’s final products. We are passionate about testing and, having built strong QA capacity for our own needs, we do provide such services to our clients and partners. We can perform compatibility, usability, regression, functional, performance and many other testing types using test automation and a variety of test tools and context environments. With a blend of effective processes, team expertise, active management, and focused involvement of PulsarFour’s leadership, we provide a reduced time to market and cost effective QA services for all client requirements.


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think-value-diagramWhen utilizing PulsarFour value-added high quality services, our clients ultimately experience better merchandising performance in their retail and B2B online sales channel.

In a competitive online retail space, it is critical to display products to the right audience at the right time using a user-friendly, fast, responsive technology platform – an online equivalent of a physical storefront.

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Ecommerce site visitors have limited patience, but even high level of customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat business. While everyone knows that new customer acquisition cost is six to ten times higher than that for generating repeat business, the question of how to increase customer retention is one of the biggest challenges of online retail.

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Your new store launches only once. You want to use the launch as a chance to get as much traffic and attention as you can. As seasoned online marketeers, we launched and supported large online stores and put numerous start-up ecommerce projects into orbit.

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PulsarFour’s rich experience in crafting effective ecommerce sites helps our clients maximize profitability through increased conversion rates, finding more effective ways to monetize existing customer relationships and through driving more visitor traffic to their stores.