Systems Integration

Dealing with enterprise-level clients and technology partners, PulsarFour has realized numerous systems integration projects ranging from an Alaskan transportation company’s ERP / legacy billing system to less exotic motion tracking recognition system integration with various web tracking tools for a California-based security company. We conduct extensive research and testing in the systems integration area. Our focus is in the B2B and B2C IP-connectivity of “things” or complex devices and products that require maintenance, parts, and supplies replenishment; we aim to automate ecommerce related to repair and maintenance of such devices – be it industrial laboratory equipment or automobiles. We have uniquely skilled engineers who possess expert level knowledge and experience in cybernetics, applied math, and programming; PulsarFour can also tap into a vast pool of skills and required expertise on demand in the markets where we operate. It will not be an exaggeration to state that PulsarFour can successfully realize most complex systems integration projects – whether in ecommerce or in the area of specialized or general business applications.