Custom Product Configurators

In ecommerce, online product customization is in trend today. Complex auto racing computer systems, custom fitted sporting garments, individually-built gaming computers, fashion clothing accessories, or 3D-printed shoes are just examples of such customization. These products, when ordered online, must be virtually assembled from various components that have dozens, if not hundreds, of attributes – not a trivial e-shop functionality to develop and support! At the same time, customers and company buyers are ever demanding and quick to dismiss any online store flaw that confuses or slows them down. Online retailers, with few exceptions, still struggle with implementing online product configurator software functionality and are usually forced to channel their “custom shoppers” offline to make and confirm orders over the phone and by email.

Custom product configurators is the area of ecommerce development where PulsarFour has significant know-how and technical expertise. Specifically, we designed, deployed, and are supporting numerous Magento product configurators. 3D product configurator is a functionality in ecommerce where we see huge potential, and we actively architect and develop such software modules while working on numerous innovative projects.

Online Product Configurator Software Functionality

When we work on projects that include ecommerce configurators, we typically implement the following features and functionality in Magento and in other ecommerce platforms:

  • Develop a proprietary hierarchical and option dependencies between product components and accessories;
  • Automate calculations related to measurements, weight, voltage/wattage, shipping packaging, pricing and other dimensions as specified by client;
  • Show the constructed combined custom product image in real-time as a user makes her selections, providing a 360-degree view;
  • Choose colors or material overlays out of portfolio of patterns and swatches;
  • Upload and edit your own image or a 3D model or 3D mesh to customize desired product, see its rendering in real-time;
  • Add / save custom-configured product to wish list or saved products list for future re-ordering;
  • Support of unlimited number of options for each component attribute;
  • Responsiveness and compatibility with mobile devices to assure superb user experience when designing custom products.

Through custom product build process automation in ecommerce, we help eliminate human error and reduce time required for design proofs approvals. Ultimately, we help our clients to do what they do best – innovate and sell distinct and original product, while we take care of technical nuances and grease gears of their online selling machine. Your customers are interested in configuring their very own products and systems online – are you ready to support them?