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The tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website change constantly; it is a fast-moving area and a most challenging aspect of ecommerce technology for developers. Our front-end talents literally become an extension of the marketing team in that they are responsible for the final look and feel of the site. The area is also complex due to a large variety of devices and screen sizes used by the people, and this must be taken into account when designing the site. Cross-browser and cross-operating system compatibility, as well as cross-device compatibility requires expert level work and an impeccable level of PulsarFour’s technical expertise. We are particularly strong in this area, having developed hundreds of robust and effective front-ends from ground up. We can and do address various front-end issues that our clients face with their legacy applications or template-based shopping cart solutions. These may include a re-factoring of the front-end programming code, adding responsiveness to a website or fixing specific compatibility issues. We navigate in a global environment, where various browsers or devices have different shares of market, where varying locales dictate radically different approach to user interfaces. We develop and test our solutions having these aspects in mind. While we do utilize most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and program for top ecommerce platforms, most of our work includes fully custom front-end solutions utilizing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript programming and other modern technologies.

Mobile Applications Development

At PulsarFour, we develop iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile applications for our clients. While our preferred approach is to design fully usable, responsive, and adaptive web browser-based solutions, some companies choose to roll out stand-alone ecommerce applications or business mobile applications as an extension of their brand or to complement their main websites. Each of such projects is unique in terms of a business problem to resolve and in terms of connectivity and back-end / third-party integrations that we implement. Sky is a limit here, and we have developed applications ranging from the personal healthcare monitoring devices connectivity applications to crowdfunding investment simulators and non-profit / charitable contributions social aggregators. Whatever the project idea is, we program it in a way that realizes our client’s aspirations.

Read More Custom Product Configurators

In ecommerce, online product customization is in trend today. Complex auto racing computer systems, custom fitted sporting garments, individually-built gaming computers, fashion clothing accessories, or 3D-printed shoes are just examples of such customization. These products, when ordered online, must be virtually assembled from various components that have dozens, if not hundreds, of attributes – not a trivial e-shop functionality to develop and support! At the same time, customers and company buyers are ever demanding and quick to dismiss any online store flaw that confuses or slows them down. Online retailers, with few exceptions, still struggle with implementing online product configurator software functionality and are usually forced to channel their “custom shoppers” offline to make and confirm orders over the phone and by email.

Custom product configurators is the area of ecommerce development where PulsarFour has significant know-how and technical expertise. Specifically, we designed, deployed, and are supporting numerous Magento product configurators. 3D product configurator is a functionality in ecommerce where we see huge potential, and we actively architect and develop such software modules while working on numerous innovative projects.


Read More Magento Custom Development

Magento ecommerce platform custom development is one of our core service offerings. Being a Magento official partner and Magento 2 trained solution partner, we create custom ecommerce sites; we integrate websites with CRM, ERP, POS, and fulfillment companies. Performance optimization is a very important aspect of working with Magento, and we tune Magento sites performance to increase client’s sites ranking and improve user experience. Our developers are Magento-certified and we implement both Magento Community Edition as well as Magento Enterprise Edition versions of this platform, depending on business needs of our clients. We can consult clients on Magento and clarify any aspects of rolling out and administering Magento sites. We constantly face numerous myths on the market and see companies wasting their investments on customizing things that actually can be effectively realized using core standard features of Magento. With PulsarFour, you can be rest assured that you will get a “bang for your buck” and an expert-level skillset, when commissioning your Magento website to us.

Read More Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development

PulsarFour’s technical expertise in developing and servicing Salesforce Commerce Cloud(formerly Demandware) platform-based ecommerce sites is very rich. Our senior Salesforce Commerce Cloud delivery team has numerous certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers and we have worked on some of the most famous global brands’ sites over the last few years. We collaborate with numerous fulfillment and technology partners of Salesforce Commerce Cloud both in Europe and in the US, and can support complex enterprise-level projects. We work in an onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery team extension model as well as we can realize turnkey projects – a selected model depends on our clients’ and partners’ business needs and their internal capacity to manage Salesforce Commerce Cloud projects. On occasions, our developers have been acting as elite “special forces” called to resolve most complicated and time-sensitive issues with Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s global brands’ online retail shops. We consistently focus on developing our Salesforce Commerce Cloud capabilities.

Read More Replatforming Services

No matter what size, online retailers always ask themselves if they have a competitive platform powering their ecommerce store front and back-end. There are many aspects of online retail that shape ecommerce platforms selection process, and, typically, by the time a system is rolled out, a retailer often already has a roadmap for subsequent technological steps to upscale their online channel. Often, a platform reaches the ceiling in terms of scalability and cost-effective customization to further push its’ limits and needs to be overhauled.

PulsarFour had helped numerous online retailers to make the right technology decisions and to strategically differentiate themselves by replatforming their online sales “engines”. The correct ecommerce platform selection truly separates retailers that successfully meet market requirements and those who are simply destroyed and are put out of business because of poor system deployment or delaying such deployments. To make such a “correct” decision, we approach each case individually and perform the steps outlined below.

CMS Implementation

Most of the business communications online can be realized using the widely available Content Management Systems (CMS) as opposed to building unnecessarily complex and difficult to maintain custom websites. At PulsarFour, we work with a variety of CMS systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others. We can help clients to get online or to optimize & streamline their online presence quickly. We customize front-end user interfaces or build unique custom page templates, install and integrate various third-party extensions and plug-ins, connect such sites with business applications. A typical project in this area is building a fully responsive corporate website / business portal for our client, rolling out enhanced blogging and interactive capabilities on top of an online platform-based online shop, or assisting a start-up company to launch their interactive product site. In short, we build intuitive, useful, and accessible CMS-based websites.

Read More Systems Integration

Dealing with enterprise-level clients and technology partners, PulsarFour has realized numerous systems integration projects ranging from an Alaskan transportation company’s ERP / legacy billing system to less exotic motion tracking recognition system integration with various web tracking tools for a California-based security company. We conduct extensive research and testing in the systems integration area. Our focus is in the B2B and B2C IP-connectivity of “things” or complex devices and products that require maintenance, parts, and supplies replenishment.


Read More Merchandising Performance

think-value-diagramWhen utilizing PulsarFour value-added high quality services, our clients ultimately experience better merchandising performance in their retail and B2B online sales channel.

In a competitive online retail space, it is critical to display products to the right audience at the right time using a user-friendly, fast, responsive technology platform – an online equivalent of a physical storefront.

Read More Customer Loyalty

Ecommerce site visitors have limited patience, but even high level of customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat business. While everyone knows that new customer acquisition cost is six to ten times higher than that for generating repeat business, the question of how to increase customer retention is one of the biggest challenges of online retail.

Read More Drive New Business Growth

Your new store launches only once. You want to use the launch as a chance to get as much traffic and attention as you can. As seasoned online marketeers, we launched and supported large online stores and put numerous start-up ecommerce projects into orbit.

Read More Boost Ecommerce ROI

PulsarFour’s rich experience in crafting effective ecommerce sites helps our clients maximize profitability through increased conversion rates, finding more effective ways to monetize existing customer relationships and through driving more visitor traffic to their stores.