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Creative Concepting

In PulsarFour, a creative concept is not just a layout, a graphic design, a set of headlines, or a compilation of ideas. Our concept represents the framework in which we work with our client to deliver online campaigns. We start this work with a strategic brainstorming session, where we consider the components of a potential solution. We take into account overall goals and objectives, who we are communicating with, what mediums and channels will be used. All these are interconnected and play off one another for the greatest impact. The focus is on four key areas: the background, theme, execution, and tone. We gradually move through discovery, lay out core ideas that carry client’s value to the customer, work out the way that campaign’s content and design will work together to deliver the actionable message and then add a “personality” or “attitude” to the campaign at large.

Graphic Design

“Beautiful is easy, functional is hard!” While many graphics designers are fluent in the language of beauty, not many of them design for the web. PulsarFour’s visual design excites and engages our client’s visitors, drives traffic and clicks, helps achieve business goals and reinforces brands and identities. We design for not just general aesthetics, but also for consistent application of a unique brand, universal navigation, lightweight, clean, and modern look and feel. The most common uses of PulsarFour’s graphic design include client identity, such as logos and branding as well as website graphics and elements.

Interactive Design

Customers’ interaction with online shopping platforms and websites is an extremely complicated process. We design for such interaction focusing on user control, responsiveness, real-time interactions, connectedness, personalization, and a pinch of a “fun” component. How our user would use the website? How will they act on the information they receive? Will they be able to process visual data and is it going to be useful to them? Overall, will their experience be meaningful? Interactive design process brings answers to these and other questions.

User Interface Design

At PulsarFour, we design websites, portals, software applications for desktop computers, as well as web-, and software applications for tablet devices and smart phones. Our ultimate focus in designing user interfaces is on the user’s experience and interaction touchpoints. We gather functionality requirements, analyze users and their tasks, build information flows within a system, and build a graphical user interface (GUI), which then is tested for usability. The resulting product also includes cultural and ethnic aspects for its intended use. Some of the rules that we follow in designing UI are a clear meaning, a guided action, and its context.


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In designing for various types of devices, screen resolutions, and mediums through which information is consumed, we embrace both responsive (RWD) and adaptive design concepts. We are strong believers in abandonment of fixed grids and displaying media as scalable assets; through standard CSS3 media queries, our designs respond to any screen size. We also work with our clients to structure their content as a service, making it highly reusable and separable from the delivery form. Typically, our work in this area includes a full custom design of a web user interface, and while it does involve more work than a typical template-based approach, it pays off in a unique look and feel of a resulting product.

Ecommerce Design

We love ecommerce websites and because it is our niche, we are always on the lookout for the best and coolest ecommerce designs. We embrace and expand upon the best examples of such design that reflect latest trends as well as produce our own ones. Ecommerce design is different from other types of design in that it is strictly commercially driven and any and all design elements are added to enhance the impressions and meanings. No matter what industry vertical we are addressing with the online commerce solutions, be it an industrial B2B supply firm or a small fashion accessories boutique, PulsarFour creates a professional and unique image of our client’s brand that helps to sell products and services.

Web Applications Design

Confusing web applications and websites is easy, just as it is confusing UI design and website design. While the primary role of a website is to inform, web applications, on the other hand, are dynamic and interactive systems to help clients perform business critical tasks and they are used strategically to increase productivity. Thus, in designing web applications, PulsarFour aims to assist a user to perform a set of functions according to defined business rules. Since such applications require a higher level of involvement and knowledge of the system by a user, users cannot just stop using their application. So making a user-friendly and well-integrated design is a key for our experienced design team.

Mobile Applications Design

Numerous online retailers and start-up product companies choose to produce stand-alone mobile applications as opposed to fully responsive and adaptive web applications. We design and develop user interfaces for mobile applications for various tablet-type devices as well as smart phones and wearable devices. At PulsarFour, such interfaces were developed for healthcare, non-profit, B2B-type applications and we can both work as an independent design team that supports our client’s in-house development team or we can design and develop end-to-end turnkey custom mobile solutions based on client’s functional design requirements.


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think-value-diagramWhen utilizing PulsarFour value-added high quality services, our clients ultimately experience better merchandising performance in their retail and B2B online sales channel.

In a competitive online retail space, it is critical to display products to the right audience at the right time using a user-friendly, fast, responsive technology platform – an online equivalent of a physical storefront.

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Ecommerce site visitors have limited patience, but even high level of customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat business. While everyone knows that new customer acquisition cost is six to ten times higher than that for generating repeat business, the question of how to increase customer retention is one of the biggest challenges of online retail.

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Your new store launches only once. You want to use the launch as a chance to get as much traffic and attention as you can. As seasoned online marketeers, we launched and supported large online stores and put numerous start-up ecommerce projects into orbit.

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PulsarFour’s rich experience in crafting effective ecommerce sites helps our clients maximize profitability through increased conversion rates, finding more effective ways to monetize existing customer relationships and through driving more visitor traffic to their stores.