Being Digital Commerce Agency we deal with projects from merchandising to information technology to design. It’s our pleasure to pass on our experience to you.

Boost eCommerce ROI

PulsarFour’s rich experience in creating effective ecommerce sites helps our clients maximize profitability by increasing conversion rates, finding more effective ways to monetize existing customer relationships, and driving more visitor traffic to their stores. However, we do not focus on traffic, average orders, conversion rates, and the effectiveness of the conversion funnel only. Those are just measures of activity level. In contrast, our passion lies in helping our clients generate profitable business online, to get results. We go deeper than tracking basic ecommerce KPI’s and monitoring analytics – we analyze drivers of user behavior. We look at the cost of customer acquisition by channel, by campaign, and by activity. We link and analyze shopping behavior and purchasing decision triggers in combination, online and offline. We assist you in generating not only higher volume of sales, but higher margins – and we do this through providing relevant information to your customer at the time when they need it, by making their shopping experience pleasant, fun, and engaging. Ultimately, this work results in the higher ROI of your online business investments.