PulsarFour Group appointed as a Business Solution Partner by Salesforce Commerce Cloud(formerly Demandware)!

August 5, 2016

Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform represents one of core business practices at PulsarFour. Over the last two years, we have built and supported multiple global storefronts for some of the very well-known world-class brands, independently as well as in tandem with our trusted network of partners worldwide. Our specialists’ deep knowledge and advanced skillset in Salesforce Commerce Cloud is recognized to be among the best in Salesforce Commerce Cloud community, and we are very proud to achieve this significant milestone in our growth roadmap today.

PulsarFour differs from the rest of the peers in our industry by our deep specialization in ecommerce, our commitment to do the thoroughly honest and high quality job for our clients, and by flexibility of our engagement models. Depending on our clients’ needs, we can either perform a specific function, such as optimizing performance of their Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, doing a graphic & web redesign of their mobile storefront or, alternatively, we can assign a dedicated team of professionals for repeat releases, country roll-outs, campaign management, support, and various other supplementary functions.

We effectively combine onshore, nearshore, and offshore models for the European, North American, and Asian markets we serve.

We’re excited about the future of ecommerce and we are delighted to be a trusted partner and an adviser to our clients in their online channel implementations. Let’s keep on rolling, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and let’s win some major deals together!

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