Thomas Bates Introduces “Make Your Own Belt Configurator” To Create Customized Belts Online

October 29, 2014

Thomas Bates has made yet another considerable advancement in serving customers who wish to enhance their personal style by creating their own customized belts, online. The firm has launched the unique “Make Your Own Belt Configurator” to facilitate the belt making process effectively.

This announcement comes after a complete re-launch of the new Thomas Bates website, designed by PulsarFour, a digital ecommerce agency, which has creatively executed the website with the ecommerce platform, Magento, one of the best ecommerce software that provides solutions for the global brands.

Thomas Bates said that they always try to solve their customers’ dilemma in choosing the right belt and this time they came up with the idea of the innovative “Make Your Own Belt Configurator” to help their customers design their belts online, based on their preferences.

Thomas Bates also said that he believes that all the brand’s individual customers looking for personalized and custom belts would find this new feature as a unique one in the belt accessories sector. He also added that this configurator had 400+ Visiontree® patterns to choose from and the customers can upload a logo or design of their choice to customize their orders, it can be used on fabric, leather tipped and full leather belts. In addition, pet collars and leashes can also be customized and all belts are made in USA with US components. The customers can also take a look at the rough layout of a desired design in progress.

Businesses, organizations, or event coordinators who are on the lookout for individualized promotional items would find this custom belt configurator as a great opportunity to create a series of belts designed with their own logo or custom patterns.

About Thomas Bates
The Thomas Bates brand is dedicated to serve people who have a fashionable sense and are passionate about stylish accessories. Thomas Bates offers accessories that have a blend of patterned fabrics or leathers, custom colors and designs. The firm is popular for its new ideas and manufacturing processes stand alone in the world of fashion accessories. The customers of Thomas Bates are individuals and groups who wish to express themselves through accessories and products that can be used outdoors.
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