PulsarFour’s birthday!

November 16, 2016

For the last four years PulsarFour has gained an impressive record of accomplishments: we became Magento Silver Solution Partner and Commerce Cloud (former Demandware) Business Solution Partner with Salesforce, we developed more than 100 sites in collaboration with more than 60 clients. Working from different countries and offices in Europe and the US, we are a great team and we believe that this is one of our greatest achievements.

We are defined by moments in which we’re tested — physically and mentally. And in those moments, we find our fire. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing for us, so let’s see what Pulsarians think about working at PulsarFour.

Zoya Funtasova
Zoya Funtasova, Project Manager:

PulsarFour is the very beginning of my path as a professional. I am very thankful for everything that PulsarFour gave me and how it changed many things around me. It’s a real pleasure to work among initiative, and what’s more important, positively thinking people Happy Birthday dear PulsarFour. Be prosperous and successful!

Olena Perkova
Olena Perkova, QA:

PulsarFour started as a close family and now I think about those times with a sense of warm nostalgia. We, as a Company, are raised on the basis of honesty, hard work and respect. For me, this is the place where I learned a lot, where I grew as a personality and a specialist. But every company is just a framework, the main value is people. We are bigger now, we have different, strong individualities with own tempers, ambitions, willing hands and mindset but we are still single-minded and cooperate in a harmony. I make much of everyone around and really proud of such smart, passionate, wise colleagues. I want P4 to have bright, huge and successful future.

Alexandr Badzym
Alexandr Badzym, Frontend Developer:

For these four years PulsarFour has grown from a small, brave and energetic team into a quite large company. During this time there were big challenges, and a good rest in Arturas’ style. What remains strong in mind is Schwartz’s speech which Ostap shared. Together with PulsarFour’s growth I tried myself in a role of Practice lead (manager) and experienced how difficult to make managers decisions in comparison with the choice of using one or another development approach. From myself I wish PulsarFour family more challenges, stable growth. NEVER STOP on the top!

Artem Grinyov
Artem Grinyov, PHP Developer:

Two and a half years ago PulsarFour a was small but close team of people who worked together towards the same goal. If they stumbled, they always kept balance not to fall down. They learned everything they hadn’t known before and helped each other at any time of day and night. Today PulsarFour family is much bigger but they still manage to preserve their values. I wish PulsarFour to remain a big friendly team for which small difficulties are not the reasons to stop work but an occasion to find solutions for the benefit of individuals and overall growth.

Kateryna Bieliaieva
Kateryna Bieliaieva, Frontend developer:

Dear PulsarFour, despite your young age you have already conquered some high peaks such as Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud partnership as well as added big brands to your portfolio. Now it is high time for new challenges, so I wish you a friendly reliable team of people who will respect your values and will be able to make your projects profitable and successful.

Oleksii Vovk
Oleksii Vovk, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer:

Dear Pulsarians, the business anniversary is always a milestone to celebrate the achievements and an opportunity to set new goals. Your spirit, drive and hard work made PulsarFour what it is today. It’s a pleasure working with you. Keep up all the good work and never stop inspiring! Congratulations on company anniversary!

Roman Kuziv
Roman Kuziv, Program Management:

It has been amazing three years that I spent together with the company. Every new day is full of interesting events and challenges. The environment here allows you to develop quickly both professionally and personally. The most awesome here are the people who you move things forward with and you can always count on their support and wise guidance. I believe that this is just the beginning of our long journey.

Happy birthday, PulsarFour
With love,
Your Team

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