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With Magento you are free to innovate at your pace, on your timeline to create experiences true to your brand and solutions tailored precisely to your business.


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With Magento, empower your business teams to move fast to improve the customer experience and drive growth – and meet virtually any business need quickly and cost-effectively.


An Architecture Built to Adapt at Scale

Don’t get trapped on inflexible, overly complex, and costly solutions.

With Magento, get enterprise performance and scale – plus unmatched flexibility to adapt to the breakneck pace of change in commerce – all for the best total cost of ownership in the industry.

Release approach and goals



November 2015
Announce Magento 2.0 CE/EE

Timing: November 18

Location: MagentoLive, Sydney


  • US Media Tour
  • Magento 2.0 press release
  • Blog, social & webinar activities
  • Community Celebrations
  • Highlight M2 Australian sites
  • Call to action for ecosystem Product


  • Enterprise Edition 2.0 available
  • Community Edition 2.0 available

Product Releases:

  • Enterprise Edition 2.0 available
  • Community Edition 2.0 available


January 2016
Full Marketing Push & Marketplace GA

Timing: January 18

Location: NRF 2016, NYC


  • Announce Marketplace
  • Beta merchant launches and holiday insights press release
  • NRF speaking opportunity or event sponsorship
  • Demand generation and thought leadership activities start

Product Releases:

  • Magento Marketplace GA

February 2016
Magento 2 Momentum

Timing: February 2-3

Location: Magento Live, Paris


  • Pre-announce Magento 2.1
  • Momentum press release: sales wins, more extensions & trained partners
  • Continued demand generation and thought leadership

April 2016
Imagine Conference

Timing: April 11-13

Location: Imagine, Las Vegas


  • Pre-announce Magento 2.2
  • Highlight Magento 2.0 momentum: site launches, extensions, etc.
  • Continued demand generation and thought leadership
  • Community celebration

Product Releases:

  • Enterprise Edition 2.1 available
  • Community Edition 2.1 available
  • Marketplace update


  • Modernize web technology stack
  • Implore performance and scalability
  • Easy customizations
  • Separate business logic from presentation
  • Cleaner installation and upgrades
  • High code quality and improved testing framework

Key Improvements & Features


Magento 2 exploits HTML 5, {less}, CSS 3, PHP 5.4 and 5.5. Moreover, prototype.js is now renounced in favor of jQuery. Also, the new release will support Modern coding standards. Decreased loading time is secured by require.js.


  • Full page cache and support of Varnish and Redis are now available out of the box. Processes will now work in the background without being blocked by refactored indexers.
  • Upgraded indexers. The revision of indexers proved to significantly improve query performance speed and receive systematic updates without any loss in functionality of enterprise versions.
  • Multiple admin users.  Admin site improvements make it possible for more admin users to create, edit and update products with majority of data conflicts eliminated.


The effort of Magento team is constantly aiming at simplification of customization processes:

  • Elimination of God class “Mage::”
  • Modular code and customization. Cross-module dependencies in Magento 2 are significantly reduced by modular code, which makes it possible for developers to make more specific, focused changes without other areas of code being impacted.
  • Search improvement
  • Multilevel theme inheritance. The processes of theme inheritance and customization have been improved and simplified.
  • XML validation
  • Full responsiveness


Enhanced APIs in Magento 2 are responsible for notably improving integrations with external systems. Thanks to increased efficiency, all the data associated with a business object (e.g. order data or customer details) can now be returned in a single call.  Moreover, ‘integration-style’ APIs can create-update-delete-retrieve data processed through fields that are common to both Magento and external systems just in one call.


Magento team is currently working on simplification of installation and upgrades process. Upgraded Magento offers improved guidelines for versioning policies and compatibility of upgrades with previous versions. Another important feature is a standalone installer that makes faster installations of a new Magento instance available through prerequisites checkups before the installation process even begins.



Developers will be able to automatize QA testing of the developed functionality with the updated Magento Testing Framework. This enables increasing amount of releases and ensures high product quality and frequent updates.


Will Magento 2 support extensions from previous version?

No, Magento does not support transfer of extensions to the new version of the platform. However, Magento 2 will supply its own collection of extensions.

Are Magento extensions being developed specifically for Magento 2 version?

Magento has promised to release over 200 extensions, both free and paid, before the official Magento 2 release. Both new and Magento 2 versions of popular extensions are being developed. Around 10% of original Magento 1 extensions are expected to be available for Magento 2.

Will Magento 1 still be available after the release of new version?

After new version is launched, Magento 1 will still be available for 3 more years. However, it will not be further developed or updated, providing only technical support of current functionality and bug fixing. No additional features for this version will be released.

My website is running on Magento 1. Can it be upgraded to Magento 2?

Migration between Magento 1 and Magento 2 is available for data only. This means that code, theme customization, configuration, all extensions and integration will need to be re-developed for the new platform. A data migration tool will be provided to all customers for fast and efficient transferring of data, which includes the following:

  • Product, order & customer data
  • CMS pages
  • Store configurations
  • EAV tables
  • Promotions
  • Customer passwords
  • URL rewrites
What does Magento 2 mean to your business?

A new intuitive Magento 2 admin plus the ability to quickly and cost-effectively add functionality empowers you to:

  • Get to market fast with new, differentiated customer experiences.
  • Efficiently manage and continuously optimize marketing, merchandising, and operations to drive growth.
  • Upgrade with turnkey extensions and connectors to achieve low-cost customization when you need it.
  • Innovate at your own pace with the confidence of knowing Magento and its ecosystem are innovating for you, too.

Here at PulsarFour, we carefully went through all the details of terms, requirements and costs of migrating to Magento 2. We are ready to help your business to catch the wind of changes and develop migration plan tailored to fit your unique business needs. Get in touch with us and explore how Magento 2 could improve your business right now.