From Alaska to Cape Horn – the final frontiers of North and South Americas. These are the voyages of the Yota Cruiser. Its three-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where none of us have gone before.

Life Adventure Expedition

Sergei  (ostap)

Life Adventure Lead

Life is very short. Live it. Do something that will leave a positive mark on the world, help others achieve their aspirations, follow your dreams and realize your ideas. Do so in a humble way and understand your limitations : ) That, in short, would be my motto for travelling across Americas – to absorb people stories, to expand my personal “horizons” and awareness of cultures around us.

Arturas (godzhesas)

Hero of Experiences

Beer, sauna, and great Lithuanian food can only take you so far. : ) Great company, fun experiences, stories around the campfire and seeing new places would definitely add to that spectrum! Woot woot PulsarFour and our team. Let’s see how far we can get across British Columbia in a two day race!

Vlada (Jakarta)

Expedition Documentalist

I’m taking an active life position. Like sports, go in for swimming, bike riding and play volley. Enjoy travelling within Ukraine and worldwide. My dream gateways – South Africa and Indonesia. Keen on everything extraordinary (music, books, arts). Like creative and intelligent people who strive to make the world better. Try to be the one of them.

Dmytro (kr0ler)

Navigation Wizard

I’m a software engineer who loves extreme sport and travelling. Snow- and wakeboarding takes almost all of my free time. The optimist in life and believe that good music and sex will save the world.  The most memorable was the trip on motorcycles thru the Sri Lanka for my own project “Rent My Trip” ( in 2014.