Custom Product Configurator delivers competitive advantage for MIFcom

Project Pinpoint

MIFcom is one of the leading providers of personally configurable high-end gaming PC systems and notebooks in Germany. MIFcom is proud to offer customers life time support and true craftsmanship in building the best and the most powerful systems.

MIFcom approached PulsarFour in 2014 while struggling to find a reliable partner to support their growing ecommerce business, who could also understand not just the technical requirements but their business in general. They were facing a lot of issues related to SEO; the performance and general usability of the website was poor.

PulsarFour delivered reliable support, custom development and consulting services to help boost MIFcom’s online business and market share. During over two years of relationship not only the webstore transformed, but the whole ecommerce operations grew and matured.

We had a vision to create an Onlineshop with the best PC Configurator and PulsarFour stepped in as a reliable partner who proved time and time again their commitment to the project. Despite all the challenges, constant requirement changes, long design phase and the need to support current operations as well, together with PulsarFour we were able to deliver a unique and innovative way for our customers to build and buy the best and the most powerful PCs and notebooks on the market. It is hard to find a partner today who really cares about your business and delivers it with actions, not words.

Dmitriy Ivanov, MIFcom CEO


What started as an ecommerce support project in 2014, quickly turned into a challenging and innovative idea to create and make a custom PC and laptop configurator the heart of the business. The new ecommerce solution was implemented using Magento Community 1.9 and has one the best custom PC configurators on the market with a complex business logic in the background that features 1000s of combinations and product variables.

The new store delivered by PulsarFour corresponds to the highest requirements set by MIFcom and their customers:

  • Delivers great User Experience and modern design
  • Top-notch personal PC and desktop configurator that helps user choose and customize any part of the system to build an ideal PC
  • Convenient product comparison feature helps buyers to make the right choice
  • Magento standard admin panel is completely changed and customized to correspond to MIFcom business needs, so that it is closely integrated with the internal company processes to maximize effectiveness
  • Flexibility for further support and evolution
  • SEO friendly


Services delivered:

  • Design & UX consultancy
  • Consulting on technical and business requirements
  • Planning and development of a unique shop architecture
  • Direct communication with the 3rd party service providers for integrations
  • Complex 3rd party integrations with Magento (heidelpay, CommerzFinanz, internal ERP integration, Google feeds, pricing feeds)
  • SEO implementation
  • Ecommerce re-platforming and support services
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