Replatforming Projekt von ZenCart zu Magento mit Datentransformation und ERP Integration für einen US-amerikanischen Hersteller für Beleuchtungstechnik

Project Pinpoint

Incon Industries, Inc. was founded in 1982, manufactures and sells decorative and functional lighting fixtures mostly in B2B segment. PulsarFour had engaged to perform a technical discovery and execute re-design and re-platforming of the company website from Zen Cart to Magento CE ecommerce platform.
The purpose of P4 technical discovery was to gain an understanding of and formalize the design, features and functionality required of the new website, any required integration of Magento platform with external systems, any custom or extended Magento functionality, and any other business requirements or processes that are unique to Incon.


PulsarFour transformed plain ZenCard’s data into structured Magento CE products, created light responsive website integrated with the Incon’s SysPro ERP system.
The new website is connected to Google through modern Google API, uses cutting edge SEO methods and simple yet powerful checkout process.
Built-in smart search engine and advanced products navigation make B2B customers extremely easy to choose proper products taking into account spam-free product’s review by others.

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